Mind & Its Potential 2015
  • "Your brain is like a sleeping giant!"
    Tony Buzan, world renowned
    inventor of Mind Mapping
    and brain expert
  • The 4 step solution for changing bad habits,
    ending unhealthy thinking and
    taking control of your life!
    Dr Jeffrey M Schwartz, USA,
    cuting-edge neuroplasticity and OCD
    researcher, UCLA School of Medicine
  • Michael Collina,
    South Western Area Health Service
    "Very meaningful and full of relevant
    material. I enjoyed the opportunity
    to be involved in this community."

What is your true potential?
Can you really train your brain?
How can you thrive?

Learn, network, be engaged and motivated at Mind & Its Potential 2015. Explore the latest science of neuroplasticity and discover how individuals, organisations and companies can do extraordinary things to improve wellbeing and productivity.

Change your brain for a better life

World leader in neuroplasticity research and creator of ground breaking treatments for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Dr Jeffrey M Schwartz, USA, takes us through a step by step method to free ourselves from negative thinking.

Your extraordinary mind

Be amazed by the power of Mind Maps to enhance your thinking skills and learn to use your brain to best advantage with Tony Buzan, UK, the originator of Mind Mapping and acclaimed author on the brain, learning and thinking skills.

A vibrant conference experience

Motivate yourself, your work colleagues and your organisation – bring your whole team to this inspiring event and see productivity and wellbeing rise!


"Very interesting, providing a wide variety of topics about the brain, learning and the potential to reach our best."

Deborah Lane, NSW Department of Education and Communities


"I laughed, I cried, I was touched to my core. By far the best conference I have ever attended (and I attend a LOT).

Helen Thompson, Psychologist



Tony Buzan, UK
the world’s leading author on the brain, learning and thinking skills, Mind Map originator and international best-selling author of Use Your Head and The Mind Map Book.


Dr Jeffrey M Schwartz, USA
leading neuroplasticity researcher and author of ground breaking books You Are Not Your Brain, Brain Lock and The Mind and the Brain, Department of Psychiatry, UCLA School of Medicine.








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