Explore the amazing potential of your mind! - Mind & Its Potential 2013

Mind & Its Potential 2013 speakers

Arun Abey speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Arun Abey
noted strategic thinker, writer and co-founder

Arun Abey has a passion for helping people enjoy happier lives by identifying their values and goals, and putting clear plans in place to achieve them. He is a co-founder of the financial advice firms ipac and more recently Walsh Bay Partners. A noted strategic thinker and writer, he consults to families and companies around the world. His...

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Barbara Arrowsmith-Young
best-selling author of The Woman Who Changed Her Brain; Director
Arrowsmith School and Arrowsmith Programs

Barbara Arrowsmith Young is the Director of Arrowsmith School and Arrowsmith Program. She holds a B.A.Sc. in Child Studies from the University of Guelph, and a Master's degree in School Psychology from the University of Toronto. Barbara is recognized as the creator of one of the first practical applications of the principles of neuroplasticity to ...

Ms Anna-Louise Bouvier speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Ms Anna-Louise Bouvier
nationally renowned physiotherapist, author and commentator on mind and body well-being, regular on the Today Show and ABCTV series Making Australia Happy and creator of The Happy Body ABC series

TODAY SHOW Feel Good Physio Anna-Louise Bouvier is the creator of Physiocise, a nationally renowned program for bad backs which teaches over 1400 people a week in classes in Sydney. She is a well-known media commentator and speaker, an expert in the ABCTV Making Couples Happy series and created the ABC Happy Body DVD series. She has written three...

Sydney Sings Choir speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Sydney Sings Choir
the first of the With One Voice choirs to start in NSW
Creativity Australia

Sydney Sings is part of Creativity Australia's With One Voice program, founded by soprano and social entrepreneur Tania de Jong AM. With One Voice choir social inclusion and community wellbeing programs inspire people to find their unique voice. In just five years, the With One Voice program has expanded from one to 14 community and corporate...

Professor Michael Corballis speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Professor Michael Corballis
outstanding cognitive neuroscientist and science communicator; Emeritus Professor of Psychology
University of Auckland

Michael Corballis is an outstanding cognitive neuroscientist, science communicator and author. He was born in New Zealand, and is currently Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Auckland. After receiving bachelors and masters degrees in New Zealand, Michael completed a PhD in psychology in 1965 from the McGill...

Tania de Jong AM speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Tania de Jong AM
leading Australian soprano and social entrepreneur; Founder
Creativity Australia, Creative Universe, Creative Innovation Global

Tania de Jong AM is a leading Australian soprano and social entrepreneur. She founded Creativity Australia and Creative Universe to inspire people to find their voice and to improve wellbeing, engagement and innovation in organisations and communities. She has a Bachelor of Law (Honours) from the University of Melbourne and is a graduate in opera...

Jon Duschinsky speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Jon Duschinsky
thinker, cage rattler and change agent who builds movements for companies and charities around the world; CEO
The Conversation Farm

Jon is an observer, a thinker and a cage rattler. He thrives by constantly looking at the world around him, thinking about it and using these observations to drive new and creative thinking that challenges the status quo. He is the CEO of The Conversation Farm, a global agency that develops ideas to change the way people think about problems. The...

Eve Ekman speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Eve Ekman
expert working with emotion and mindfulness to reduce stress and burnout while enhancing "professional empathy" in the workplace; Director of Research and Development
Paul Ekman Group

Eve Ekman has developed integrated emotion and mindfulness trainings to reduce stress and burnout while enhancing a ‘professional empathy’ for workers in human service settings including jails, hospitals, courtrooms and schools. Eve is a San Francisco native and received her Masters of Social Work from the University of California Berkeley. After...

Richard Fidler speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Richard Fidler
popular broadcaster and host of Conversations with Richard Fidler
ABC Radio National

Richard Fidler is a broadcaster who has had several lives as a musician, writer and performer. He currently hosts Conversations with Richard Fidler on ABC Radio in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and Perth. This unique format allows Richard to talk at length with a single guest for an hour and follow that person’s life story. Richard has...

Dr Cordelia Fine speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Dr Cordelia Fine
academic psychologist, writer and cognitive neuroscientist; Associate Professor
University of Melbourne

Cordelia Fine is a Senior Research Fellow in Psychological Sciences and Associate Professor at Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne. She has been described as a ""ccognitive neuroscientist with a sharp sense of humour and an intelligent sense of reality"" (The Times), ""aa brilliant feminist critic of the neurosciences"" (Times HES ...

Timothea Goddard speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Timothea Goddard
psychotherapist, educator, workplace trainer and long-time student in the practices of Aikido, yoga, and meditation; Director
Openground Training & Consulting

Timothea is an accredited Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher with the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare and Society, University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA. She has worked as a psychotherapist, educator and workplace trainer for the past 25 years having trained in humanistic, body-oriented and psychodynamic...

Rasmus Hougaard speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Rasmus Hougaard
world authority on bringing the benefits of mindfulness to the workplace; Founder and Director
The Potential Project

Rasmus Hougaard, founder and international director of the Potential Project, developed Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training in collaboration with leading scientists, business leaders and mindfulness masters. The program is being used by companies such as Google, Sony, American Express and many others around the world. The results of the program...

Fay Jackson speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Fay Jackson
award winning educator, advocate and voice for mental health; CEO of Vision In Mind and Deputy Commissioner for Mental Health
NSW Mental Health Commission

Fay Jackson had her first permanent job at the age of 40. She had been told by 3 different psychiatrists over the years that ""YYou will never have a career and you will never be a contributing member of society"".. She believed them and was a victim to her bipolar. Then she gained a job as a two day per week advocate in a Mental Health...

Corey Jackson speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Corey Jackson
Vajrayana Institute

Corey Jackson left his career as a jazz musician in Toronto in 2003 to study Buddhist philosophy, meditation and Tibetan language in India. Inspired by the benefits that meditation had on all aspects of his life, he was certified as a teacher of the Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB). This perfectly facilitates his passion for using ancient...

Daniel Kilov speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Daniel Kilov
accomplished memory athlete capable of memorizing a shuffled deck of cards in under five minutes

Daniel Kilov is a memory athlete who uses the techniques of memory sports to help people learn all things they ever wanted, but never thought they could. Having struggled with organisational skills as a symptom of his poor memory all through high school, Daniel sought out methods to improve his memory. It was then that he discovered the 'Art of...

Liz Lecoanet speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Liz Lecoanet
choir leader
Sydney Sings

Elizabeth Lecoanet, is the conductor of Sydney Sings presented by Creativity Australia's With One Voice program. Elizabeth's passion is sound, the voice, and music; and connecting people with their voice for good health. For the past 15 years, Elizabeth has worked extensively as a conductor, director, vocal coach, and professional crossover singer ...

Renate Ogilvie speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Renate Ogilvie
psychotherapist, international lecturer in Buddhism, and consultant to the Bhutan Nuns Foundation

Renate was born in Germany, and educated in both East and West. She holds Masters degrees of Frankfurt University, and Antioch College London, and studied Western Philosophy at Birkbeck College London. She worked in London as a literary agent and commissioning editor, before training as an existential psychotherapist and counselor. After migrating ...

Scientia Professor Gordon Parker AO speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Scientia Professor Gordon Parker AO
celebrated Australian psychiatrist and researcher, principally focusing on mood disorders; Scientia Professor of Psychiatry
University of NSW

Prof. Gordon Parker AO is Scientia Professor of Psychiatry, University of New South Wales and was Executive Director of the Black Dog Institute from 2002-2011. He has had a number of responsibilities for the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, including being Editor of the Journal and Chair of the Quality Assurance...

Oliver Phommavanh speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Oliver Phommavanh
author, teacher and stand up comedian

Oliver Phommavanh loves to make people laugh, whether it's on the page as a critically-acclaimed author for kids or on stage as a stand-up comedian. Oliver has appeared on national TV and radio, as well as performing at various writers and arts festivals across Australia. He also shares his passion for writing as a teacher. Oliver’s books include ...

Dr Helena Popovic speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Dr Helena Popovic
medical doctor and specialist in how to improve brain function and author of In Search of My Father: Dementia is No Match for a Daughter’s Determination

Dr Helena Popovic is a medical doctor, author and specialist in how to improve brain function and how our lifestyles impact our health and performance. She graduated from the University of Sydney and is founder and CEO of Choose Health - Better Living for Busy People, built on the philosophy that education is more powerful than medication. She...

Dr Anne Rifkin-Graboi speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Dr Anne Rifkin-Graboi
neuroscientist whose research explores the effect of parenting and attachment on children's development; Research Scientist and Head
Neurocognitive Development Centre, Singapore Institute of Clinical Sciences

Anne Rifkin-Graboi is a Research Scientist at the Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences, where she heads the Neurocognitive Development Centre. Her work focuses on sources of variation in neurodevelopment, with a particular interest in the effects of parenting and attachment on children's development. Dr. Rifkin-Graboi is especially...

Paula Robinson speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Paula Robinson
Managing Director
Positive Psychology Institute

Paula Robinson is a Registered Psychologist and leading expert on mental fitness, well-being and Positive Psychology theory, research and practice. As Managing Director of the Positive Psychology Institute (PPI), Paula provides consultancy, evidence-based coaching, presentations and workshops to individuals, organisations, schools and the wider...

Sanjit 'Bunker' Roy speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Sanjit 'Bunker' Roy
social activist and educator identified as one of the 50 environmentalists who could save the planet by The Guardian in 2008; Founder and Director
Barefoot College

Sanjit 'Bunker' Roy is a social activist and educator whose “real” education started when he dug open wells for drinking water as an unskilled labourer for 5 years. He founded the first Barefoot College for the rural poor in the deserts of Rajasthan in India 40 years ago where the teacher is the learner and the learner the teacher. Prof. Roy is a...

Baljinder Sahdra speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Baljinder Sahdra
lecturer in social, personal and developmental psychology and researcher on the first Shamatha Project
University of Western Sydney

Baljinder K. Sahdra is a Lecturer in Psychology at University of Western Sydney, Australia. She holds a double major in human biology and philosophy from University of Toronto, and Masters in philosophy and PhD in psychology from University of Waterloo, Canada. She is a recipient of many prestigious awards including doctoral and postdoctoral...

Dr Chris Sarra speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Dr Chris Sarra
inspiring indigenous educator; Founder
Stronger Smarter Institute

Dr Chris Sarra is a world-class educationalist. His ‘Strong and Smart’ philosophy led to dramatic improvements in educational outcomes at the Cherbourg State School in Queensland. He now heads the Stronger Smarter Institute, which is transforming Indigenous education with positive messages of high expectations, quality relationships and community...

Dr Tim Sharp speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Dr Tim Sharp
leading psychologist whose focus is on enhancing happiness in individuals, families and organisations ;founder and Chief Happiness Officer,
The Happiness Institute

The Happiness Diet was developed by Prof. Tim Sharp who has three degrees in psychology (including a Ph.D.) and an impressive record as an academic, clinician and coach. He runs one of Sydney's most respected clinical psychology practices, a highly regarded Executive Coaching practice, and is the founder & CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) of The...

Associate Professor Michael F Steger speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Associate Professor Michael F Steger
international authority in the study of meaning and the quality of life; Director, Laboratory for the Study of Meaning and Quality of Life
Colorado State University

Michael F. Steger has spent more than a decade researching people’s ability to find meaning in their lives and the benefits of living a meaningful life. He is an Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Training at Colorado State University and also the Director for the Laboratory for the Study of Meaning and Quality of Life. Recently Dr...

Associate Professor Nick Titov speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Associate Professor Nick Titov
clinical psychologist passionate about improving access to treatment for people with anxiety and depression; Project Director
MindSpot Clinic and eCentreClinic, Centre for Emotional Health, Macquarie University

Nick is passionate about improving access to evidence-based treatments for people with anxiety and depression. He has developed two online research clinics, has helped develop 10 treatment protocols for these conditions, and has conducted more than 40 clinical trials with more than 4000 patients. Nick is also Project Director of the MindSpot...

Richard Tognetti AO speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Richard Tognetti AO
virtuoso violinist and Leader and Artistic Director
Australian Chamber Orchestra

Australian violinist, conductor and composer, Richard Tognetti has established an international reputation for his compelling performances and artistic individualism. The Leader and Artistic Director of the Australian Chamber Orchestra since 1989, Richard is also Creative Associate of the Melbourne Festival. Winner of three consecutive ARIA...

Professor Lea Waters speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Professor Lea Waters
internationally recognised for her expertise in Organisational Psychology and Positive Psychology; Associate Professor
Graduate School of Business, University of Melbourne

Associate Professor Lea Waters is internationally recognised for her expertise in Organisational Psychology and Positive Psychology. She is a registered psychologist (AHPRA, APS), with a PhD in Organisational Psychology and is the Director of Positive Psychology Programs (undergraduate) at the University of Melbourne. In 2009-2011 she was in the...

Damon Young speaking at Mind & Its Potential 2013
Damon Young
philosopher, commentator and author; Honorary Fellow in Philosophy
University of Melbourne

Dr. Damon Young is a philosopher and writer, and Honorary Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Melbourne. He is the author of Distraction (2008) and Philosophy in the Garden (2012), and editor of Martial Arts and Philosophy: Beating and Nothingness (2010). Damon has written for The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, ABC and...