How to choose a pet urn for a pet

How to choose a pet urn for a pet

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Many people in Australia have a pet usually a dog or cat to help them relax. Additionally a pet dog also helps in keeping the house security barking at intruders. However, the life of pet dog or cat is usually less than twelve years. There are few pet cemeteries and many pet owners especially those living in large cities do not have space around their house to bury the dead pet. Hence most pet owners are preferring to cremate their pet when it dies. The ashes of the pet are stored in a pet urn and some tips on choosing a suitable pet urn at Pet Crematorium are discussed below.


When the pet is cremated, the amount of ashes generated will depend on various factors like the size of the pet, weight, type of pet. Usually one cubic inch of space is required storing ashes for every pound of weight of the pet urn. The seller will usually have urns of different sizes, and the capacity of each urn will also be defined. Depending on the popularity of the different urn designs, the seller may have more sizes available for specific urns. Most of the urns are cylindrical in shape, though there are some urns which are round in shape. All the urns are having a lid or cover so that the urns are not blown away.


Usually most of the popular urns are made from brass, pewter or ceramic, though other materials may also be used. The ceramic urns are usually cheaper than the metal urns. The main advantage of the metal urns is that engraving the pet name, details is possible. For metal urns, the pet owner can choose from engraved stand, engraved disc, and laser engraving. The urns are available in different colors ranging from silver, gold, slate for metallic urns to blue, pink, white and black for ceramic urns. Depending on the personal preferences a suitable urn can be chosen.


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