Why buy a Shona Joy dress

Why buy a Shona Joy dress

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Shona Joy dress refers to a type of article of clothing that is typically worn at formal events, like weddings. It is considered to be a traditional wear for East Indian women.

The dress has been popularized by Bollywood actresses in the past decade or so and has become increasingly popular in India and abroad. The popularity can also be attributed to some celebrities wearing them on special occasions.


The dress is available in various colours and has different patterns and styles associated with it such as border work, lace work, etc.


Why buy a Shona Joy dress


  1. It is Versatile

You can wear it to weddings, parties or even college discos. The dress is a versatile outfit and you can wear it for almost any occasion. The Shona Joy dress has various designs and patterns associated with it, thereby increasing its versatility as well.


  1. It is Simple yet Elegant

Though the Shona Joy dress is simple in design, its elegance cannot be overlooked. It gives off a royal aura. It is the perfect outfit to wear on formal occasions.


  1. It is Stylish

The Shona Joy dress is very trendy and stylish. It can go well with almost any outfit. You can wear it with a pair of distressed pieces of denim, beige bottoms, a white top, etc for an edgy look!


  1. Feminine & Elegant

The Shona Joy dress is feminine and elegant with its classy designs, lace work and satins. The dress is sure to turn heads wherever you go.


  1. Affordable

The Shona Joy dress is affordable given the fact that it is traditional to wear. It is available online at discounted rates. The price range of the Shona Joy dress ranges from Rs 3000 – 8000, depending on the design and the brand reputation of the store.


  1. Durable

The Shona Joy dress is relatively durable and doesn’t tear easily. It is a perfect outfit to wear on your special day.



Shona Joy dress is sure to add royal flavour to your wardrobe. Add it to your closet today!


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