Zett Sports martial arts belts

Zett Sports martial arts belts

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Martial arts are great ways to learn to defend and protect yourself and your loved ones, but martial arts are practiced for a number of reasons and some of them include relaxing the mind, strengthening the muscles of the body, and also for competition. . However, it is known that most people, especially women, practice martial arts to protect themselves. There are various martial arts like kung fu, karate, taekwondo, and kickboxing, to name a few. Many of these martial arts use a colored belt system to distinguish students’ qualifications and abilities. The goal of this article is to shed light on some facts about these colored harness systems.


The colored belt system is widely used to indicate the level or skill of each student in their chosen martial art. The color belt system is said to have been used for the first time in judo. Newbies to the art are often recognized for their white belts. To change from one belt color to another, students are expected to take tests that assess their abilities. After passing the test, the beginners switch from the white belt to the yellow belt and then to the other colors. The highest belt color you can get is the black belt.


The colored belt system offers students an incentive to improve the practice of their chosen martial art. While it is true that self-improvement is the main goal of martial arts, colored belt systems give the student the opportunity to show her skills in front of their peers. However, belts must be worn correctly out of respect for martial arts culture.

Belts are expected to be securely fastened over the hipbone, but leave enough room so that they do not interfere with martial arts activities. It is also important and mandatory that each student carefully cares for their harnesses and makes sure they do not accidentally get dirty. Martial arts Belts at Zett Sports are also expected to hang evenly on both sides; this may take some practice. These straps should also not touch the ground and should never be crossed over the back.


However, caution is advised here; Under this colored belt system, it is considered disrespectful and shameful to wear a belt color for which one is not yet qualified. Therefore, in martial arts it is very important to respect the belt color system.


The only real issue along with using belts in order to signify ranking, is the proven fact that one school might have different requirements then additional school. Even though they both possibly teach exactly the same type of martial arts, their own standing method and requirements to get a certain position may be completely different. This could cause confusion within ranks, especially if a black belt from 1 school isn’t as versed within the type as a black belt from another institution. Even though most institutions stay with identical standards, there are schools that decide to incorporate their own unique type too.


Although the majority of martial arts fighting types make use of belts in order to symbolize position, there are some fighting techniques out there such as Shoot fighting which don’t use belts in any way. The actual types that choose not to make use of belts don’t pass by rankings either, as they are more or less for self-defense intentions. Pit fighting is one more fighting style which doesn’t use belts as well. These types of types are great to learn defending yourself. Although these differ from the traditional sense of martial arts fighting styles.

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