How to Find a Pet-friendly Hotel

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Pet-friendly Hotel

Pets are an important part of most people’s lives. They provide joy and companionship. Yet not everybody wants to take their pets on vacation, even when they are a hotel that is pet-friendly. The comfort and safety of the pet are very important, which is why most hotels that are pet-friendly will not allow certain pets. Restrictions include maximum and minimum weight, length, or the age of the pet. A good hotel for pets must have the following.

  1. Consider the type of pet you have when looking for a hotel.

In a pet friendly hotel, you and your pet must be comfortable in the room. If you have a cat and a dog, both are probably used to being with each other, but still, each one has some space preference so that they can be alone if needed. Consider the size of the room in relation to the breed of your pet to know what will be comfortable for you both.

  1. Don’t forget the place you are traveling to and the season.

Pets get more anxious when they change locations. If you travel a lot with your pets, look for one that allows you to leave your dog or cat at the hotel while you travel. Some hotels also have a mobile groomer in case you had to bring your dog with you on a weekend trip.

Pet-friendly Hotel

  1. Check if other services are provided like daily walks for your pet.

If your pet is used to walking every day, then he or she must be able to adjust to staying at a hotel until it is time for you to pick him or her up from their walks.

  1. Make sure the hotel has separate rooms for dogs and cats.

If you have single rooms, your pet might feel uncomfortable staying in a room where there are other guests without their humans. If the hotel doesn’t provide dog-friendly rooms, then you will have to look for another place since not every hotel or every part of a hotel is suitably accommodated for pets.

  1. Consider the time of year when choosing a pet-friendly hotel.

Some hotels allow pets in the summer, others only during the winter months. You will want to choose one that is available when you will be traveling if you have a specific time frame.

  1. Check the type of amenities they provide for your pet.

If you are traveling with a dog, make sure there are lots of dog toys and bones in case your dog loves to chew on things. Also, make sure your pet can hang out in an open area or outside for some fresh air and exercise because staying indoors most of the day can get boring after a while.


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