Everything You Need to Know About BTO Flat Renovation

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BTO flats are known for their large communal areas in the center, and these are the ideal spots for family time. A good BTO flat renovation plan will include improving the communal areas so that they become more family-friendly and comfortable. Moreover, you will also want to pay attention to the aesthetic appeal of your BTO flat renovation.

3-room BTO units

If you have been looking for a cheap place to renovate in Singapore, a 3-room BTO unit might be the best option. These flats come with standard fittings from the HDB. With a bit of work, you can transform it into a condominium apartment-style home for a fraction of the original cost.

5-room BTO units

This 5-room BTO flat is a stunning example of how to spruce up a small space. In2Space Interior utilized wood panels of various shades to add character to the rooms. For example, the toilet door features a darker wood texture than the rest of the room, a great contrast to the blue bedspreads. In addition, the design team at JSR Design cleverly divided the living room into three smaller spaces.

DBSS flats

DBSS flats are the most popular type of housing unit in Singapore due to the affordable cost and ample living space they offer. However, to ensure their continued value, DBSS flats must be renovated from time to time. For these reasons, renovation service providers such as Renovation Service Singapore offer professional DBSS flats renovation in Singapore.

DBSS units

If you’re looking to renovate your BTO flat renovation in Singapore, you may want to consider DBSS units. Please check here https://www.renonation.sg/4-things-know-renovating-brand-new-bto-flat/.  These flats are different from HDB flats in a number of ways, including their more modern interior finishes. These flats also have a wider range of floor plans than HDB flats do, ranging from one to three bedrooms and a study. The average DBSS flat size is 103 square meters or 1,109 square feet. In some cases, these units can even have a five-room layout.

Built-to-order (BTO) flats

A Built-to-order (BTO) apartment renovation is an excellent choice if you’re looking to renovate a property in Singapore. Not only will you get an entirely new space, but you’ll also be able to work with the existing flat owners and neighbors as long as you are considerate of their preferences. In addition, BTO apartments usually come with a 99-year lease, which is an added bonus.

Built-to-order (DBSS) flats

A Built-to-order (DBSS) renovation is one way to add extra features to your flat in Singapore. HDB has implemented strict regulations for private developers of DBSS flats to ensure that they are constructed with high-quality standards and low maintenance costs. Developers are also required to provide maintenance services to the property for at least one year. In addition, grounds maintenance is the responsibility of the town council. In addition, DBSS flats can benefit from HDB subsidies.

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