The Reasons to Contact Provider+ for NDIS Module Certificate

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Module Certificate

The contact Provider+ for NDIS module certificate program was established in order to ensure the safety and reliability of the care provided through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Providers who wish to offer services through this scheme must be registered with and approved by the Quality and Safeguards Commission, as well as have appropriate training or qualifications. Through this agreement, providers are expected to maintain a certain level of quality in their care.

Module Certificate

The reasons to contact Provider+ for NDIS module certificate

  1. Help to ensure the quality of care provided by NDIS providers

When setting up an NDIS client, the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission (QSC) will take a number of steps to ensure that the type of care provided is likely to meet the needs of their clients. The provider will have to make sure to implement a comprehensive Quality Assurance Scheme that ensures that all staff meeting the requirements of their roles can act with integrity and competence. This can include items such as supervision of staff, training procedures, monitoring management practices, and follow-up monitoring. This includes checking for any violations or incidents that may lead to legal action or ongoing problems that are affecting the quality of care provided by providers.

  1. Provide information on each provider’s quality and safety

In order to monitor the quality of NDIS care, the QSC will use a number of techniques, including client feedback and direct observation. The QSC offers providers guidance on how they can improve their services by contacting Provider+ for the NDIS module certificate. This is done by providing reports on occasions where there have been issues with standards that providers must meet. The reports give information about how often each provider was rated as good or outstanding for a particular item (for instance, for meeting National Quality Standards).

  1. Provide a number of information about a provider’s history.

When you contact Provider+ for NDIS module certificate you will be provided with a number of different information about the provider, such as their address, contact details, and professional qualifications. This is to make sure that you are in good hands when providing care to your clients.

  1. Providers must have a Quality Assurance Scheme

Your contact Provider+ for the NDIS module certificate is your main point of contact with the quality assurance system and should ensure that quality standards are met each time you care for a client. While it is not required by law, there has been a growing number of complaints that have led to serious legal consequences — up to $2 million per breach; fines levied against providers, and even jail sentences.

  1. Help to prevent providers who are not properly qualified from providing services

To be able to work with clients under the NDIS scheme, providers must first gain approval through Provider+ for the NDIS module certificate compliance program. This is only given if they can prove that they are able to provide high-quality care based on their training and qualifications.


The Quality and Safeguards Commission (QSC) is monitoring, inspection, and compliance body that oversees services provided through the NDIS, as well as other disability and aged care services. By contacting Provider+ for NDIS module certificate you can feel confident that the quality of care provided by your provider will be highlighted and monitored by the QSC.


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